PTC’s Wes Malcolm and Brent Baker discuss the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing four functions: transportation, warehousing, last mile, and planning.

Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Time: 4:00PM CET / 11:00AM ET
Length: 60 minutes

Is it wise for your airline to outsource inventory planning? Can last-mile services decrease your AOG rate?

Your airline’s supply chain consists of four major functions: transportation, warehousing, last-mile distribution, and planning. Each function has an impact on part availability and, by proxy, your aircraft-on-ground rate. In this one-hour webinar, PTC Aftermarket Service Lead Wes Malcolm, and Major General (Ret. U.S. Air Force) H. Brent Baker discuss the benefits, risks, and trade-offs associated with outsourcing each of those functions and the potential impact on your fleet operations.

Webinar Speakers:

Major General H. Brent Baker Sr. (Retired)
Vice-President, Worldwide Federal A&D
PTC (Click for Bio)
Wes Malcolm
Aftermarket Service Lead
Servigistics, PTC

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