Reap Every Reward of Your New Technology Aircraft

A strategic new technology aircraft investment can benefit all functions of an airline

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In this webinar, airline managers and investors will learn best practices to maximize profit and value across airline functions with new technology aircraft investments:

  • Understand the importance of timing in fleet acquisition with a holistic fleet plan that accounts for the entire aircraft lifecycle
  • Streamline your maintenance plan to take advantage of fewer on the ground maintenance checks
  • Maximize the time your aircraft is in the air and not on the ground with ground time optimization process improvements
  • Strategize a management plan for utilizing additional digital data and connectivity opportunities
  • Reconfigure your network to gain a competitive and profitable edge with faster flight times and new route possibilities

There have been few periods since the early jet age when so many new aircraft types are coming into operation, bringing with them new technologies and new challenges for airlines. New technology aircraft can add significant profit and value to your overall bottom line if integrated into an overall plan. If not, your investment will only marginally improve your bottom line.

Learn how you can proactively deploy your asset and run it effectively improving a multiplicity of touchpoints in leasing, ground operations, maintenance, digital data, and network schedules. With thorough planning and management, the realized benefits across your airline can be extracted for both immediate and long-term gains. New and older aircraft can cohesively work together in customized and efficient commercial planning processes.

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  • Martin Harrison - Principal, ICF International
  • Edmond Rose - Vice President, ICF International

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